Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Olf : The Man from Spain!

Actually I planned to do another wrestler. This time with long curly hair. But I wasn't satisfied with the sketches. Looked to much like the one I already posted - exept for the hair of course. Maybe another time.

So I decided instead to colour a sketch from the sketchbook. It's supposed to be some sort of spanish guy who would fit into a period piece. I think I' ll call im Don Pedro Alfonso Miguel de Rodrigo. Hope you like him!

Con un cordial saludo,

Don Olfonso


henning said...
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henning said...

Captivating guy !!!

I am already happy
to see the the ketcher ;-)

Michael Mantel said...

Na, wenn das mal nicht Graf Olaf ist...Auf jeden Fall sehr Olf-like. Es lebe die Lichtkante!

Richard Mitchelson said...

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