Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Special : Strange things are happening!

Yesterday I started a blog-search for "Die Bilderwumme" and found something truly astonishing. The second hit was on a blog called "Die BB Bilderwumpe". When I followed the Link I didn't quite get the idea of what I found there. Henning's "Hellboy Sketch" mutated to "Wellboy Sketch" and was decorated with a broad grin and buck teeth. Aha. And there are even more spoofs of our posts - provided with some lovely words. (For those of you who don't understand german, let me tell you it's really funny!) Respect. There even is an exquisite collection of links - including one to the world famous Roy Bush.

If somebody makes such an effort to parody the Bilderwumme, then we made it big! Many thanks to the unknown delinquents who secrete themselves behind the pseudonym SEAMAN. I think they had as much fun doing the stuff as we had looking at it.

We hope to see more of it in the future. Carry on you bastards!

Go here to find out for yourself.


marie said...

ich würde sagen, wir sollten GANZ SCHNELL ein copyright auf die Bilderwumme legen!

meike said...

Na, da hat sich ja einer richtig Mühe gegeben, wie ein kompletter Idiot auszusehen...

Hey, das ist aber doch hoffentlich nicht der einzige Ruhm, der seit dem Zeitungsartikel eingefahren wurde, oder?