Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Olf : Private Eye!

"Ladies of easy virtue, crooks and the police. That's his world. Halfway between law and crime. He's engaged to his gun. And a bottle of whiskey is his only comfort."

Well, something like that.

I did this one using real brush and ink for a change. But I don't know if it looks so different, because I coloured it the usual way - but I tried a different color palette to give a little old and yellowed feel to it.

I'll keep an eye on you.


Olf Marlowe


Haki said...

Saustark!!! Du hast echt ein hammer Stil! Sehr ausdrucksvolle Augen! Top!


meike said...

Ich wiederhol' much ja eh' jede Woche, wenn ich ständig sage wie wahnsinnig WAHNSINNIG toll ich Olf-Charaktere und Zeichenstil finde. |uu|

RAH! *sammel*