Saturday, September 30, 2006


Time rools onn'
that's as it should be
Here and gone
Seems to move so quickly

Man, we was happy
In our restless hearts
It was heaven Right here on earth
Yeah, we were lauthin'
As we reached for the stars
And we had some
For what it was worth

Those were good times
Damn good times
( . . . )

David Lee Roth: "Damn Good"
1988 Album: "Skyscraper"

...and we are still blogging a new pic almost every day !!!
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marie said...

ich finde die Menge echt imposant! ... wäre ein cooles Postermotiv!

Henning Ahlers said...

find ich auch !!!
...oder vielleicht auch ein netter
Ansatz für den anstehenden Wummenflyer!!