Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thies : Toilet Paper Rolls (Royce) Pt. 2

Brand new from my bathing room!
Today my toilet paper rolls turn into Mack the Knife in his well-known movie role.
Here`s a still photograph from the full-length home movie in my wash basin (yes, without water, because I`ve no underwater camera. But the spectators eyes will be able to complete this abstraction - maybe you`ll discover: It`s a Dogma Movie...)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Olf : Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Every day we go to lunch we walk through the town hall park where some beautiful tall trees are growing. So we saw them change the colors throughout autumn.

Last week I spontaneously drew the tree on the left in photoshop after lunch. Later I tried out a couple of different backgrounds before I decided to add the little kid with the kite. This time I used no outlines at all, which I do very seldom. (You' can find a close-up of the boy here.)

Hope you like this rather romantic autumn impression.



Monday, November 27, 2006

Henning : Fast Samurai

...a pen, a bald brush

...and a few minutes...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Vernissage zum SENSORAMA, Medienausstellung in den Burda Druckhallen, Offenburg "MENSCH UND RAUM" am 23. November 2006.
interaktive Installationen, VJing, Graffiti, Fotografie, Illugrafik, Malerei von internationalen Artists, hat echt Spaß gemacht!
SENSORAMA startet nochmal am 5. Januar 2007 in Freiburg und zieht dann weiter nach Frankreich und in die Schweiz.

> more infos **

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Ich hab' ja die Tage den Kritzel-Auftrag angefeatured und kann jetzt mal das komplette Produkt vorstellen und die Release-Events anpreisen.

Mi 29.11.2006
Konzert - The Horror The Horror, plus The High Queens & Königin Mutter im Musikzentrum, Emil-Meyer-Str.14-28, 30165Hannover
Sa 02.12.2006
Party -SPANDAU Musik 06 Release

Die Cd selbst gibt's dann für schmales Geld im Spandau, bei 25 Music, Championship-Vinyl und so weiter...

Work for an independent-Sampler of the 'Spandau' -Club. Guitar-Pop and electro-rock-somethings.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thies : Rock`n`Toilet Paper Rolls

These nice guys are based upon Olf`s revolutionary idea of toilet paper characters
(do you remember?).(I´m looking forward to his top secret project...)

So here is my toilet paper roll alternative.

You can find the original tinker sheet here!

If you love paper based 3D characters watch out the sensational work of Shin Tanaka

I love it!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Olf : Mongo Jerry!

A rider in the glorious mongolian sunset. You'll have to imagine the horse yourself. Or maybe he's riding a yak? Mongolians enjoy a nice yak-ride in the morning.

Here are the inked version I posted yesterday and the first one in technicolor.



Monday, November 20, 2006

Henning : Life drawings

Life drawings
( zum Thema: " Nackich und so " )

Friday, November 17, 2006

Marie + Clodia

concept image taken from Claudia-Schiffer-living-idol-gold-and-glitter project I´m currently working on. just fun. not finished yet. check

Thursday, November 16, 2006


This week i was pushed by my Ex-Girlfrind to draw something with a kitten. So I decided to gain our Google-hits!

Please enjoy this sweet pussy. After she eat a creampie she cleans herself. I like the pink of the tongue and censored private parts. I used a special creative-technique called Music-Inspired-Lutz-Flow, aka MILF. I just listen to music and let it flow. Sometimes it works great and sometimes the result is just pure nonsense. I think I've read too much MAD my teen days.

Ich glaub in deutsch macht das noch weniger Sinn! Mal sehen wie das die Googlestatistik beeinflusst - Zur Not mal ich nächste Woche einen großen Hahn.

P.S. Vielleicht sollte ich über eine Karriere im Witze-T-Shirt-Markt nachdenken... Oder ne Jamba-Spar-Abo-Handyhintergrund-Krankheit rausdrücken....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thies : Ghostrider In The Sky

I deal with a Two-In-One-Subject today:
Eerie skeletons together with last weeks dusty Western style.
This desperado has been riding much too long in the desert, but nevermind he´s still on his mission to rob the national bank.

(...and another special ride on a horror cover by Jose Mirelles - für die Actiongülle-gestählten Nerven von Doc Ahlers)

(Mir fällt zum Thema noch das legendäre Kunstgeschichtsseminar bei Mr. Friese ein und den dort gesehenen schnarchlangweiligen Streifen "Die Nacht der reitenden Leichen". Lang, lang ist´s her...))

Olf : Analog Arctic Monster!

Just a quick marker sketch I did at work today for no reason. I only added the blue background at the computer.

Looks pretty winterly, doesn't it?



Sunday, November 12, 2006

Henning : Swamp Thing

Acrylic / Digital

More about the CULT COMIC
More about the ? CULT MOVIE ?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Marie: keep on cowboying

hey, da hab ich doch glatt auch noch einen Cowboy in der Schublade! ziemlich druckfrisch für die aktuelle Ausgabe von entstanden.

out of a series of 4 created for VAGABONDS current issue on destructed.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Westernwochen bei MCScribble

Ich surf mal ein bisschen auf der Welle von Jörn und Henning mit und mach auch mal nen Galgenvogel. Von 'Edelwestern' inspiriert, aber nicht wirklich edel hab ich ein bisschen mit meiner Feder rumgekratzt. Irgendwie fehlt ihm im nachhinein doch der Hut, aber eigentlich wollte ich ihm keinen aufsetzen, sonst passt die Schlinge nicht....

I was pushed by 'them' to translate my shit for our international friends:

The Westernmood of Henning and Jörn let me remember my Comicroots. In my childhood my whole Family enjoyed a Comic-collection called Edel-Western. Highlight was the well known Blueberry, drawn by Giraud aka Moebius, my favourite Comicartist, btw. I allways dreamed of a Blueberrymovie, starring a young J.P. Belmondo. I think the movie of 2004 don't fit my personal view so I didn't see it so far. My hangdog could not mess with Blueberry also, he isn't GOOD at all, has a very BAD mood and is as UGLY as sin!

P.S.Heute poste ich schneller als mein schatten!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thies : Still Cyco...

...After All These Years!
Including a brand new skull for Henning´s collection...

Olf : Variations on a Suit!

At the weekend I did a lot of scribbles, trying out various things. Usually I tend to have some variation in the thickness of the lines. This time I tried to have none at all. And in addition to that I wanted to use flat shading. So no big story behind this one - just practising.

I did at least a myriad color versions of this guy. Here are three. Decide for yourself which you like the most.



PS: Comments are welcome as always!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Henning : Gestern Country, heute Western

After publishing the CASH post on Saturday, I was in a western-mood
and watched "The Wild Bunch"again.
Damn, what a movie ! This classic Peckinpah movie is THE milestone
in modern shootout sequences. All todays Action Directors
(like John Woo or the Matrix-guys) are heavy influenced by this
bloody stuff! If you are an action fan and don't know this one yet,
you have to check it out!
This drawing of Emilio Fernandez as the General Mapache can be the
start of a nice "Bunch of Drawings"

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Special: Reinhard Kleist's CASH

Zur Zeit lese ich gerade die Johnny Cash Comic Biographie "CASH - I see a darkness" geschrieben und gezeichnet von dem in Berlin lebenden Comiczeichner Reinhard Kleist. Da ich sehr begeistert von diesem Comicband bin, will ich ihn hier auf der "WUMME" mal mit ein paar Bildern vorstellen.
Solltet ihr den Band im Buch- oder Comichandel sehen, schaut mal rein. Oder guckt in der Galerie Knoth & Krüger in Berlin / Kreuzberg (neben dem SO36) vorbei. Da hängen nämlich noch bis Mitte November die Originalzeichnungen!
Mehr Infos gibt's auf Reinhards Homepage, und bei Carlsen Comics!

Pictures from the german published Comic Biography of Johnny Cash
"CASH - I see a darkness" written and drawn by Reinhard Kleist
published by Carlsen Comics.

Reinhard Kleist
Cash – I see a darkness
Mit einem Vorwort von Franz Dobler
Softcover, s/w, 224 Seiten
Einzelband, € 14,- , ISBN 3-551-76837-4

Friday, November 03, 2006

Marie: alte Mädchen

10.50h: guckt mal, was ich wieder gefunden habe! ganz alte Zeichnungen, die ich mal in mein Skizzenbuch in England gemacht habe... hatte die schon vergessen. hatte damals viel Spaß mit den Mädels...! es gibt auch wild colorierte Versionen davon... wo hab ich die nur..
11.37h: da sindse! hat mir jetzt keine Ruhe gelassen. da werd ich richtich nostalgisch...!

[trans.]I recovered a bunch of sketches I made yeeeeears ago in England. so funny to meet all these long-arm-girls again... and the rough-colored versions seem to be the initial of my illustrating ambitions today... *sigh

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wieder nen Wifebeater

hab mal wieder was klassisches hingeferkelt. hatte ja so schöne neue stifte und strukturen - da geht was.

Auch mit ein bisschen Farbe zur abwechslung. Irgendwie GTA-mässig

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thies : A Dog Named Snowflake

Another Berlin Impression...
A white dressed girl and her dog Snowflake just take a break.

Olf : Happy Halloween!

Sorry, I'm a little bit late this time. I did a whole bunch of halloween-themed scribbles but I didn't get to the point. So I decided to colour just one of the scribbles - which actally took a little bit longer than epected. I'm quite busy at the moment anyway. Hope you like it nevertheless. Maybe I'll post some of the others in the future. Then you can keep them for next year's helloween ...

Trick or treat!