Saturday, March 24, 2007

photoexibition : Kurosafrica

a project by Wolf Böwig (Photo) and Pedro Rosa Mendes (Text)

Central Africa is being ravaged since the last decade by a string of conflicts that span from Caprivi Strip in Northern Namibia to Uganda and the Great Lakes Region. These conflicts also bridge with volatile Westafrica - through deals and smuggling, tricky and everchanging alliances, blunt exploitation of natural resources and massive displacement of populations. This first continental war is both original in its dimensions and in its nature. It is likely, so far, that its most relevant consequence - besides the already unbearable toll in human suffering and casualties - will be the informal and “de facto” reshaping of the political map of Africa.

visit parts of the exibition at Kunsthalle Faust for further information
Vernissage: 31.3.07, 18.00

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