Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thies : Roderik

Roderik von Dornmarck - founder of the Dornmarck church, a religious circle
praising the holy Hildegard (Roderik von Dornmarck`s mother)

routine duties:
- to spoon up Hildegard`s Knödelsoup daily
- adoration of Hildegard`s apple compote 5 times a day
- to worship Hildegard`s bodice


Lars said...

Hildegards Knödelsuppe und der Apfelkompott scheinen dem Herren hier aber gar nicht gut zu bekommen. Na, zumindest regt diese Kur offenbar das Wachstum des Gehirns an ;-).

Henning Ahlers said...

guckt schön grimmig der Gute!

...Recht So!!!

Oliver Kurth said...

I see you gave the portrait thing a try. And I'm glad to see that you've accomplished the task very well, pal! Reminds of the old masters. Next time in oil please.

Very odd character indeed. Could you please post a picture of Hildegard?!