Friday, July 13, 2007

The all new Friday: Michael Mantel

Michael Mantel für die Bilderwumme Your daily dose of illustration featuring Lachhaft Cartoons
There are some peculiar guys about to join the BILDERWUMME-Blog on Friday. Today it's me, Michael Mantel.

May I introduce myself: Working together with some of the BILDERWUMME-members for years, I must have become a little insane, too. I think that's the reason why it was time being asked to join this blog. Nevertheless, I am very honored.

Beside my regular job as a freelance illustrator, I started drawing cartoons in late 2005 and posting them on a blog, at least two times a week. Thus, "LACHHAFT" was born and since that time, almost 200 cartoons have seen the light of day. The german word "lachhaft" can stand for both risible or funny. Though the jokes are written in german, you can probably get some of them without understanding the text.


Henning Ahlers said...

Wilkommen am Bord, Herr Mantel!!!

Thies said...

Genau, mein lieber Matrose Mantel,
Käpten Ahlers umkurvt die Klippen und mit steifer Brise gehts voran, nachdem wir die neue Crew im Rathauscasino shanghait haben.

(Wessen Silhouette zeichnet sich eigentlich hinter dem Bilderwummen-WG-Fenster ab? Olfs?)

Oliver Kurth said...

Welcome to the club, Michael!

Richtig geraten Thies, das ist mein Silhouette. Das passiert immer, wenn ich nach zwölf Uhr nachts was zu essen bekomme ...