Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We've been running this whole thing for a while now and the Bilderwumme is undergoing some changes.

But let's first take a look back to when it all began.

"Die Bilderwumme" came into the world of blogging on the 1st of April 2006. And it wasn't meant to be an april's fool joke. When we started off the whole thing we didn't know where it would lead us or if it would be good for anything at all (except our own fun for a while). It just seemed to be a good idea at that point.

Blogging was becoming en vogue then, you know. People said "It's fun in the beginning but in couple of months you'll get bored and dump the whole thing!" But we didn't. And I'm glad we didn't. The Bilderwumme became a household name. After some time even Google didn't ask when searching for the term "Bilderwumme" if we meant "Bilderwurm" (whatever that's supposed to mean) instead. At least then we became official.

We started to talk more about illustration and stuff, could see what the others do in their spare time, tried out new things, shared our work with the world and had contact with people we would have never met by accident in real life, which is a great pleasure. For me personally that's what the whole blogging thing is about. And a lot of the illustrations I did for the Bilderwumme I wouldn't have done without it, or at least wouldn't have finished them. So I think in the end really it's good for something!

OK. Here are some facts and statistics.

The Bilderwumme is running for 15 months and 18 days now - or 67,71 weeks if you like. That's a total of 474 days. In that period of time 354 post have been put out. That means some respectable 5,23 post per week. The approximated number of visitors so far - presumably most of them ourselves - ranges from 30872 to 54200 depending on what counter you rely on. (I still vividly remember us celebrating the first 1000 hits with a champagne breakfast!) And a look on our world map tells us that people from all over the world are visiting our humble blog. OK, maybe just by accident but at least they take a glimpse at what we are doing.

A big thankyou at this point to all who have been visiting our blog, especially to the people who visit regularly and for your kind and encouraging comments! Thanks a lot!

So far the good news.

As maybe some of you have recognized the posts have become less regularly lately. That's just naturally. We do by no means earn money by doing this! No matter how serious we take it it's just for the fun of it. There are more important things to do in real life like doing the laundry or earning money. Yes, I know it's sad, but it's the plain truth. So when Marie recently followed in Lutz's footsteps and decided to downgrade to a monthly basis we reconsidered the whole thing. But that doesn't mean were going to shut this blog down!

So here are the structural changes. Thies and I will keep the flag flying by posting weekly as usual. Lutz and Marie will continue posting once a month. Henning will still be posting weekly, an illustration if he finds the time or instead definatley something of interest. We're already looking forward to his coverage of the San Diego Comic-Con he'll be visiting this month!

But hold it! Wouldn't that mean at least one workday without a new post? Well, we knew you would ask this question. But don't worry, we though about that too. That's why we invented the - drum roll - SPECIAL FRIDAY!

We are very proud to announce that we are joined in the future by four of our dear friends and colleagues. This will hopefully breathe some new life into our little blog. And of course some diversity as well. Each of them will post at least once a month, usually on a friday.

But let me introduce those gentlemen of fortune to you first:

First there's Michael Mantel. As tall and as a lamp pole and and a pleasure to work with. Illustrator, cartoonist and regular storyboarder at our studio. Jens and Lars Benecke, the B-Brothers from the southside. The magnificient illustration-double-pack. Jens is storyboard artist and production designer in residence at our studio. Lars is a fine illustrator, doing a lot a of schoolbook illustrations at the moment. And finally Uwe de Witt aka Space Lord. OK, he hasn't signed in yet but we're very confident he will. He'll be the guy who takes care that thing around here won't become too cute. Promised. And I'm hopefully that some of them will consider posting more often ....

So give them a warm welcome and three cheers for the things that may come!

Well, I definately think that's enough for now.

Yours sincerely,


(On behalf of The Bilderwumme Collective)

PS: I hope you appreciate this post, I'm terribly slow at writing such essays. And don't take it all to seriously, I was just typing away ...


Henning Ahlers said...

Schön beschrieben, Herr Kurth!

McT421 said...

Alsoooo.. ich bin gespannt! Mir gefällt der "Neuzuwachs" ziemlich gut, hehe...

Und dickes Danke an das ganze Bilderwumme Team, wenn wir schon mal dabei sind! Immer wieder inspirierend und einfach nur toll. |^^|