Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Olf : Tiny Troeter!

This is a teeny-weeny drawing I did during a boring meeting.




Jörn Gebert said...

Hihi, it' funny, nice colors. Do it eat with his nose? (You really did it with the "Faber-Castell PITT artist pen"?)

Lars said...

Schön, dass das Meeting so doch einen Sinn hatte, trotz aller Langeweile.
Das hilfreiche Zeichenwerkzeug gleich mit abzubilden, ist auch 'ne interessante Vorgehensweise - es hat sowas von werkimmanenter Prozessualität ;-).

Jensemann said...

Dieses kleine Tierchen sollte man immer in seinem Federmäpchen dabei haben, es saugt nämlich wunderbar kleine Bleistiftkrümel und Radierfusseln weg. Weitere Extras:
Po ist glaub' ich Radiergummi und vorne hat es Tipex drin.
Klasse, so macht Zeichnen Spass!!

Oliver Kurth said...

@Jörn: Yes, I used that pen. And I'm sure he'll have to eat with his nose since I forgot to draw him a mouth ... ;)

@Lars: Where do you get those complicated words from? I didn't even know there was a word like "Prozessualität"!

@Jens: Man, I think I should ask you guys for comments BEFORE I post my pictures! Would make it much easier to come up with a long and funny text ...