Friday, November 09, 2007

Lars : Art déco street cruiser

On the Buicks for 1949 the so-called "ventiports" appeared as a significant styling element for the first time. They became a characteristic of this General Motors-label until 1957. The Roadmaster as the flagship had four of them on each side and the other Buicks only three. After a high school-headmaster complained about some students who pissed into the ventiports of his Roadmaster, Buick decided to cover the holes with small chrome lids.
The most desirable version of the ’49 Roadmaster is the elegantly streamlined coupé called “Sedanette” which I portrayed here. The red “Dynaflow”-emblem (that’s how Buick’s own automatic gearshift was named) on the rear hood is illuminated when the lights are turned on, so the car looks quite impressive even in darkness.


Jensemann said...

Danke für deine Vertretung, Lars!

Der Meister der Sachillustration macht nebenbei dem Herrn Meyer-Spellbrink Konkurenz und plaudert aus dem Nähkästchen der Chromschiff-Historie.
Amtliches Gerät - sehr gelungen!

Michael Mantel said...

Tja, da passt wahrscheinlich wieder jede Schraube. Interessante Perspektive.

Oliver Kurth said...

Ich wünschte ich könnte auch Autos zeichnen. Aber wie sollte ich einem Fachmann wie Dir da etwas vormachen ... :)

Äusserst akkurat, mein Lieber!