Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Olf : More Gaya ...

After Thies and Jens decided to plunder their most bottom drawer due to the lack of time, I'm joining them by posting some stuff from ancient BACK TO GAYA times too. These drawing date back to the year 2001. At least that's what the signature says. Gosh, is it really that long ago?! In that year Jens and I made our diploma and stumbled right into the production of our first CG movie. We were joined by most of the Bilderwumme: Lars, Henning, Thies and Michael. Though it was a suicide squad altogether, we had a great time after all back in the old days of the Royal Art Department known as the ADs.

Now two movies later Jens and I are still there.

The first picture shows two character studies. You can easily imagine by whom the left one was inspired. The right one is somehow a little bit amish. The second picture is a design for a guard which ended up in the movie.




McT421 said...

Aw ja, DANKE! |^^| Ich find' die Konzeptzeichnungen alle einfach nur super. *Nostalgiee*

Those make my day!

tay said...

Heehee! I love the short guard. :) Nice!

Lars said...

Das "Back to Gaya"-Revival geht nun also in die dritte Runde.
Das waren noch Zeiten, damals in dem Irrenhaus das wir Art Department nannten. Glücklicherweise ist von dem blanken Wahnsinn, der uns dort zuweilen befiel, in diesen Zeichnungen nichts zu sehen ;-).

Oliver Kurth said...

@Meike & Tay: I knew you would like these :)

@Lars: Der blanke Wahnsinn ist immer noch derselbe!