Friday, August 15, 2008

Jensemann : Alieninspector

There are strange creatures in strange worlds with some ordinary jobs to do, believe me!
Like this guy (I guess it's a kind of "spacewolpertinger"!): Day in day out, he's floating on an "Alienmover" towards his workstation, to check up some of these gone machinecreatures in the background. He seems quite satisfied with that, doesn't he?

Cheers to all the working people out there!


Lars said...

Ein Dickschwanzrattenköter mit einem Rehgeweih! Aus welchem Genlabor der wohl entwichen ist.
Vielleicht sollte er sich mal ein paar passende Löcher in den Helm bohren.
Ein gelungener Spaß - die Maschinenmonster im Hintergrund gefallen mir auch sehr.

Faboun'e said...

This one is realy fun !!! i love it ... awesome !

Jensemann said...

Thanks for leaving this kind comment, faboun'e!
It's allways nice to see some new faces surfin' by. Stay tuned for more!

Faboun'e said...

Yes ! I think that is a great thing to now the impress of over illustrators... you can come and tell me what you think about too... I come some times to take inspirations.. that cool !!

Oliver Kurth said...

Ein prima Tiermix. So wie der lacht, scheint er ja seinen Job zu mögen. Schön locker auf's Papier geschmissen. Well done!