Monday, October 27, 2008

Jörn: The incredible Iggy

Hi folks, i'm the new one.
Some of you know me (or my blog), for the others: my name is Jörn, i'm a very likable illustrator and grafic-designer from Hanover, workin' in a advertising agency. I'm proud to post here every second monday - thanks for the invitation, guys.
Beginning with a caricature of the famous Iggy Pop. As i heared, he's suggested for a role in the new incredible Hulk movie. So here is a first bare-skinned, top secret picture. (Of course it's not true – but Iggy would be a great one – or not?)


stranded said...

Hi! you all have a blog full of great stuff!! congratulations for your work to everyone contributing! It's cool! I like to see all those different styles in one place! great! :)

Michael Mantel said...

Welcome to our living room! Well done, Jörn.

Oliver Kurth said...

Schönes Ding!

ramanjit said...

awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!