Friday, October 24, 2008

Lars : fellow occupant

This is Fridolin, my new housekeeping robot. As you can see, he's not really new, but I couldn't afford a better one. Though he's a bit rotten, he still does a good job keeping my home clean and tidy. It's just that he often puts things somewhere else, because his memory isn't the best anymore. So it takes much time searching for them. - Maybe it wouldn't take much more time, if I did his job myself.
But how could I be angry with him, when he looks at me this way?


Jensemann said...

Wow, ein echter oldschool-Android aus Javaschrott! Wieso erfahr ich erst jetzt von seiner Existenz ??? - bitte sofort ausleihen!

Gruß Swifferman

Oliver Kurth said...

Wicked stuff! But lock the doors, so he won't run away to find some old jedi master ...

I love the hair band eyebrows!