Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michael: Hello, Halloween!

Michael Mantel, Halloween, Kürbis, Vogelscheuche,  Rabe, Mühle, Weiden, gruselig Horrorfilm
Watch out for the straw man!


Jörn said...

Da wird einem echt kalt und gruselig! Schön grafisch und coole Farben.

Michael Mantel said...

Thanks a lot! For those who are interested in: I used a broad pencil for drawing, transformed it into black with Photoshop and added some colours.

Oliver Kurth said...

Very nice! I wouldn't have recognized that you drew it at first sight. Always trying out something new. Great.

This bird is fine, too :

lars said...

Jau, das Bild hat alles, was es für gepflegten Grusel braucht!
Great work, pal!