Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Olf : The Flu!

I've got the flu. That's boring. But the fates have been at least partially merciful with me. Yesterday I borrowed Shogun on DVD from the city libraray. You know, the mini-series from the 80s starring Richard Chamberlain and Toshiro Mifune. Television at its finest. Haven't seen it in ages. Makes being ill much less boring. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Oh, I almost forgot. I did this picture for a pitch. Guess what the theme was!




Lars said...

Na sowas, eine 1A Kinderbuch-Illu von Onkel Olf!
Ich hoffe der Anjin-san alias John Blackthorne und die liebliche Dame Toda Buntaro Mariko verhelfen Dir zur schnellen Heilung.
"Hai, Toranaga-sama!"
Die Romanvorlage von James Clavell ist übrigens auch empfehlenswert.

Michael Mantel said...

Na dann: Gute Besserung!