Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Olf : Frank and the Hunchback!

Last week we had our first official Bilderwumme Drawing Night. We wanted to do that for quite some time and thanks to our guest Matthias Vogel we finally managed to make it happen. And it was fun! The theme was of course Halloween. I will post some photos of the event on thursday.

I did these two sketches on that particular night. I almost finished the coloured version of the jolly hunchback today. Well, almost. I will post it next week instead after adding the finishing touches.

Oh, we also did some crazy characters. You may ask yourself, what are crazy characters? We'll post some soon ...



1 comment:

lars said...

Ein großer Spaß! Ich hoffe, nächstes Mal kann ich auch dabei sein.
Totally crazy stuff!