Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Olf : The Wishlist!

And another Christmas elf. You can never start early enough with your wishlist.




Faboun'e said...

This one looks realy realy GREAT !!!
So beautiful work ..!

lars said...

A very long wishlist written in invisible ink - that's quite mysterious! What might the wishes on it be like?
I like the elf's gladly daydreaming expression.

Florian Satzinger said...

Superschön, aber wirklich. Ganz mein Ding! Alles daran.

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks a lot, folks!

@Lars: Invisible ink! That's it! Or maybe he's writing it from the bottom up? But to be honest, I just forgot to add some text ...

@Florian: Vielen Dank! Ich hab mir schon gedacht, dass Dir das gefallen könnte ;)