Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Olf : Cyclops in Colour!

This is last week's sketch in full epic colour.

The chap's name is Polyphem. Of course it's before that damn Ulysses thing happended. Everything was topnotch. You know, hanging around with your goats and sheep, pulling out some trees every once in a while and having a good time being grumpy and unkind. And then that bloke Ulysses comes around the corner to gouge your eye out just because you told that nasty creep to bug off! Dreadful.

Since it's Greek mythology it's almost bound to be art.



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Lars Benecke said...

Meister Einauge macht auch in Farbe mit den berühmten olfschen Lichtkanten 'ne gute Figur.
Viel Spaß auf Malta!