Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Doom

Seems nobody wants to post something today, so I'll take this chance to put up this illustration of the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom. It's the first one of a series of Doctor-Artworks:-)
Coming up we have Dr. Strange, Doc Ock, Doc Savage...mmh..Dr.!
I would like to show them here on THE BILDERWUMME during the next weeks.
So please stay tuned!

In any case I'll show them on my BLOG:

There you'll find some Spawn-Illustrations...what else. And a little Superhero-, Comic- and Concept-Stuff. Critical comments are welcome:-)

Cheers and have a very nice weekend!


FS said...

What about Dr. No and Dr. Jekyll?

Spacelord said...

Sure! Why not..?
And Dr. Who, Dr. Frankenstein, Doctor Zhivago, Dr. Dre, Dr. Oetker, Dr. Sommer...;-)

Oliver Kurth said...

Dr. Sommer vs. Dr. Stefan Frank! Wettschnipseln am OP-Tisch. Die Möglichkeiten sind unbegrenzt.

Und ich poste was zum Thema "Der Doktor und das liebe Vieh".

Keep the stuff coming!