Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jörn: S_01_sw

Wanna make a story from the first picture below.
Not easy with a fixed pic on top :) I changed the
car into a Challenger, 'cause I like it more.
Here's the first b/w version. Page 2 is next,
then I gonna color it.


UM said...

This looks excellent! Now combine that with a great story and there's a comic I would want to see...
Nice car!

Spacelord said...

Ja, echt klasse Joern. Bin gespannt wie's weitergeht..

Jörn said...

Thanks Uli & Uwe. I'll keep on :)
A good story is the most important thing! I must look for the help of a good author on the same wavelength - but I think I already know someone ...